Mérito Golf has been established as a stand-alone division as it is recognised that the needs of golfers are distinct from other sporting groups. Mérito Golf offers inbound tours to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for groups of any size. International travellers' golfing experiences are often restricted to the main centers in Argentina, but as is common in the rest of the world, the golf courses do not stop on the outskirts of the major cities but they are widely spread throughout the country. What we invite you to do is explore these not so frequented courses and travel to those places that you have always dreamed about.

Product knowledge is the key to our success; we have first-hand knowledge of every destination, hotel and golf course featured in our itineraries.

At Mérito Travel we understand what the sophisticated golf travelers expect, through a combination of impeccable organization, first class accommodation and sensational golf courses. Even though quality golf is imperative, our tours go beyond that, we are passionate about travel that takes you beneath the surface, revealing authentic life, culture and society.