Our operations are not geographically limited to Argentina or South America. No matter where you are in the world we can arrange a tour for you. Our most popular destinations include South America, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Mérito Travel has sent Uruguayans and Canadians to Spain, France and Portugal; Chileans to Australia and New Zealand, and Kiwis to Spain.
Mérito Travel will take all the hassle and work out of preparing your tour; we will organise your tour professionally and economically. All our destinations, locations and the venues we use for your tour have been carefully considered and inspected to ensure that they match your expectations and enhance your team's enjoyment and experience from their visit.
Mérito Travel is dedicated to providing a unique service to three sectors of travelling: Sports, Golf and Leisure. All three divisions are based on the experiences and passions of its staff. Through our expertise, service and attention to detail, we will ensure your experience will be a true reflection of your dreams.
Sports Tours

Escorted Golf Tours

Mérito Golf has been established as a stand-alone division as it is recognised that the needs of golfers are distinct from other sporting groups. Mérito Golf offers inbound tours to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay for groups of any size. International travellers' golfing experiences are often restricted to the main centers in Argentina, but as is common in the rest of the world, the golf courses do not stop on the outskirts of the major cities but they are widely spread throughout the country. What we invite you to do is explore these not so frequented courses and travel to those places that you have always dreamed about.

Product knowledge is the key to our success; we have first-hand knowledge of every destination, hotel and golf course featured in our itineraries.

At Mérito Travel we understand what the sophisticated golf travellers expect, through a combination of impeccable organization, first class accommodation and sensational golf courses. Even though quality golf is imperative, our tours go beyond that, we are passionate about travel that takes you beneath the surface, revealing authentic life, culture and society.


In recent years Mérito Travel has organised memorable tours for the following clients from around the world. A number of them have worked with us several times for which we are very grateful and appreciative:

Argentina Albatros Rugby Club – La Plata. Bahía Blanca Inv. XV – Bahía Blanca. Barker College – Buenos Aires. Bede´s Grammar School – Buenos Aires. Boston College – Buenos Aires. Club Atlético de San Isidro – Buenos Aires. Club Argentino – Bahía Blanca. Club El Nacional – Bahía Blanca. Club Santa Bárbara – Buenos Aires. Club Universitario de La Plata – La Plata. Colegio Balmoral – Buenos Aires. Liceo Rugby Club – Mendoza. Neuquén Rugby Club – Neuquén. Olivos Rugby Club – Buenos Aires. St. John´s School – Buenos Aires.
Australia Australian Services Rugby Union – Sydney. Brothers Old Boys RFC – Brisbane. Events Worldwide – Melbourne. Lloyd McDermott Rugby Development Team – Sydney. Southern Districts RFC – Sydney. Sydney University Football Club – Sydney.
Canada Brentwood College School - Victoria Capilano Rugby Football Club – Vancouver. Carson Graham Secondary School – Vancouver. Clarence Fulton Secondary School – Vernon. Mulgrave School – Vancouver. Oak Bay High School – Victoria. St. George's School – Vancouver. St. Michaels University School – Victoria. West Vancouver Secondary School – Vancouver.
Chile Redland School – Santiago de Chile. Santiago College – Santiago de Chile.
France Jurassic Pack – Paris. LEGTA de Pau-Montardon – Pau. LEGTA de Toulouse Auzeville – Toulouse. Lycée Agricole de Brioude - Bonnefont – Brioude Lycée Agricole de Nîmes - Rodilhan – Nîmes. Lycée Galilée Gennevilliers – Paris. Lycée Georges Desclaude – Saintes. Lycée Monge – Chambéry. Lycée Polyvalent Bellevue – Toulouse. Olympique Ossalois – Laruns.
England and Ireland Bryanston School – Dorset. Canford School – Dorset. Catholic Univesity School – Dublin. Intoursports World Travel – London. King Edward VI School – Stratford. Preston Reid Limited – York. Saracens Amateur RFC – London. Sevenoaks RFC – Kent. Uppingham School – Uppingham.
New Zealand Burnside Hockey Club – Christchurch. Charlie's Golf Tours – Christchurch. Christchurch Boys' High School – Christchurch. Christchurch High School Old Boys RFC – Christchurch. Canterbury Basketball – Christchurch. Hilton Earley Escorted Tours – Auckland. Matamata College – Matamata.
South Africa Durban Falcons RFC – Durban. Old Boys' RFC – Durban.
Uruguay Montevideo Cricket Club – Montevideo.
United States Amazing Running Tours – Los Angeles. Village Lions Rugby Football Club – New York.

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