La Boca
La Boca - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mulgrave School in Punta del Este
Great Adventure – Iguazú Falls
Oak Bay Barbs in Tandil
Copa Patagonia Hockey
Jurassic Pack in Mendoza

Global Coverage

Our operations are not geographically limited to Argentina or South America. No matter where you are in the world we can arrange a tour for you. Our most popular destinations include South America, Spain, France, Portugal, Ireland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Mérito Travel has sent Uruguayans and Canadians to Spain, France and Portugal; Chileans to Australia and New Zealand, and Kiwis to Spain.

High Quality Sports Tours

Mérito Travel will take all the hassle and work out of preparing your tour; we will organise your tour professionally and economically. All our destinations, locations and venues we use for your tour have been carefully considered and inspected to ensure that they match your expectations and enhance your team's enjoyment and experience from their visit.

Three Sectors of Travel, One Vision

Mérito Travel is dedicated to providing a unique service to three sectors of travelling: Sports, Golf and Leisure. All three divisions are based on the experiences and passions of its staff. Through our expertise, service and attention to detail, we will ensure your experience will be a true reflection of your dreams.